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Mr Praveen Vettiyattil started Sharada Solutions in 2011 to commercialize some of his inventions. He is now concentrating on the Pedal Powered Water Lifting Machine (PPWLM) with which farmers can pedal and lift enough water from a well to wet their agricultural land in un-electrified areas in India and other parts of the world. 50% of India's agricultural land is not irrigated and thus fully rain fed. As per recorded data 45 farmers are committing suicide per day in India mainly because of crop failure resulting from rain failure/delay. With the support of his friends and like minded people he plans to install PPWLM at needy farmer locations thereby ending farmer suicides in India by 2015. He calls it Plan 2015. He also provides training in Invention Entrepreneurship for engineering colleges and provides consultation on varied topics in renewable energy, solar, wind, machine design and low cost prototyping.
About us
Praveen Vettiyattil independently discovered Binomial theorem and compound interest formula before he was 16. Later he made many other inventions and discoveries including a theoretical method to derive the area of a circle formula...